How to join

Brilliant! We’re happy that you want to help. Everybody is welcome to lend a hand.

I want to donate!

There's nothing easier. Just choose a project and donate—it's as simple as that. Or, you can choose to register and create a profile, which lets you have a better overview of your donations and receive news updates about the projects that you have supported.

I want to organize a fundraising event / I want to become a fundraiser / I want to donate more!

Did a project interest you so much that afterwards you wanted to do even more? Brilliant! Become a fundraiser, organize a benefit event, and ask your friends to join you in support of your project.

Benefit dinner

Organize a dinner and treat your friends like they're royalty—but instead of bringing a bottle of wine, ask them to support your project instead. A dinner provides an excellent opportunity to explain to your guests why you support a certain project and how they can pitch in.

Birthday? Wedding? Christmas?

Instead of getting you gifts, ask your friends to support your favorite project. On your special day, you get the opportunity to help someone else. Explain to your friends why the project you're supporting is so important, and you can avoid the horror of having to store unwanted gifts in your closet for years to come.

Run in support of someone

Have you wanted to start running, but the only thing you've managed to achieve is to pile up a mountain of excuses? Ask your friends to help you overcome yourself while supporting your project at the same time. Rally your people to join forces and help motivate you—promise to run if they crowdfund the amount you've set for them. Then, there's no excuse for you not to train!

I want to send you my own project

Are you a non-profit organization whose work focuses on trying to help this country take a step in the right direction? Do you need the financial aid of donors in order to do a better job? Join dozens of other excellent projects. Every year during October, we accept new projects, which, after being vetted by our Board of Directors, become a part of Dobrá Krajina for the following year.

New projects for the year 2015 have already been chosen. However, if there are special circumstances and you think that your project has the strong backing of individual donors, feel free to contact us at

Non-profit organizations which have their projects published on receive all of their technical tools for free from the Pontis Foundation. We also cover all necessary costs related to portal upgrade, payment tools, bank fees, and payments to credit card companies, as well as all costs related to public collection arrangements. Donors can voluntarily donate 5 % to the administration of Dobrá Krajina. This represents app. 2000 EUR per year, which we use for the promotion of non-profit projects published on our portal. Most of the costs are covered thanks to our corporate partners.

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