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How can I support a project? How to donate?
When making a financial donation you can choose one of the following methods of payment:

  • Payment via credit card is the fastest method of payment. The transaction happens in real time, which means that the donation is registered to the donors profile and the project of his choice right away.
  • When using an account transfer, VUB ePayment, TatraPay or SporoPay, the donor chooses the project and the amount that he wants to donate. After the bank transfer is completed and the amount transferred into Dobrá Krajina's account (approximately 48 hours after making the payment) the donation is registered in the donor's account.
  • Credit – if you can't make up your mind about which project you want to support, you can raise your own credit and then gradually support the projects that you like.

How to choose a cause?
It depends on the things that interest you. Individual projects can be connected to various subjects and they are assigned to them using keywords. If you support a specific subject, your donation will be divided into equal parts between the projects that are connected to it.

Where does my money go?
100 % of your donation goes to the place you send it. If you decide to support the administration of the DobraKrajina.sk website, you can donate 5 % of your donation to a project or you can become a supporter of Dobrá Krajina by donating to the Dobrá Krajina project. Your donations are directly wired into the official account of the public collection "Dobrá Krajina 2020" which is registered at the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic under the number 000-2019-038845 by the decision SVS-OVS3-2019/038845. From this account we send them forward to the NGOs.

I want to support a project which is not listed on Great Country. Can I send you a suggestion?
Yes please! We want to create a space for all the good projects that benefit the public and also help the donors to better this country. If you have a suggestion about an organization or project, that you find are missing from Dobrá Krajina, do not hesitate to bring it to our attention!

Are these projects credible? How can I be sure that my donation will be used correctly?
Yes, they are. The Pontis Foundation and the Board of directors of Dobrá Krajina guarantee the credibility of each project. Each year we choose new projects and re-evaluate the old ones so that we are a 100% sure that your donations are used for innovative solutions to pressing social problems. Concerning the use of the money – each and every euro donated to Dobrá Krajina is accounted for. This way we can guarantee that the money is used on the stated expenses of the projects.