YES to independence, NO to loneliness

YES to independence, NO to loneliness

Dss-MOST, n.o.

There are people with mental disorder among us, and their numbers are growing. What is routine for you is a challenge for those with mental disorder – initiating contact, using public transport or having a meaningful pastime. Let us help them gain more independent lives.

For you - our Help angels
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Just because they are different it doesn’t mean they cannot be independent. But what is routine for an active person can be a challenge for a passive recipient of a rehabilitation programme - initiating contact, using public transport, everyday planning or meaningful hobbies. We help people with mental disorders stand on their own two feet. By donating you can support their integration into everyday life. Give them courage. Thanks to your contribution we offer a helping hand to people with mental disorder so they can overcome their loneliness. More about the project.

For you - our Help angels

Only 3 774 € and we'll hit out next goal!

In the long run, we are looking for Help angels - REGULAR DONORS pulling people with psychotic disorders from their solitude of 4 walls. Yours 10 € MOTNHLY = will help to cover 2 hours of our psychologist work for 9 clients = independence, not loneliness. For your financial gift, our Help angels - we would like to send you by post our lizard- bookmark, please send us your post address to mailto: Our MOST client are adult people with a psychotic disorder that afflicted them in a sensitive period - when they are preparing to enter into their life. Many of our clients have never worked before or worked only briefly. Our MOST, ngo has been here for 23 years for all who need help. Thank you ♥ Information: Zuzana Zatloukalova, mobile: 0911404656, mailto:

For you - our  Help angels

When the soul is sick

“We only have one life. So, whether or not with the diagnosis, we must live it as actively as is possible”: Monika Viac.


Drawing as an escape and my life with depression

They call me Ladislav, I am 24 years old and drawing has always been an escape for me. Viac.


Sports for all, also for those with mental illness

​People with mental illness often have it hard to find the motivation for physical activity which helps them in healing process. Viac.


Client Robert: "I wish for health and a job more than anything!"

He was diagnosed with schizophrenia. He was also treated for a post-traumatic stress disorder. He couldn't sleep for a year and walked about with his mother. "It was mostly my fault. I led a turbulent life. I had troubles with alcohol, drugs, fights...The nightmares were only the outcome of my experiences," Robert (22) from Bratislava openly admits. Viac.