Breakfast and clean underwear for the homeless

Breakfast and clean underwear for the homeless

Depaul Slovensko

People who land on the street have to rely on themselves alone. The solitude and discomfort are only a few of their problems. Many of them are ill, immobile and helpless and weather, which we view merely as a discomfort often is life-threatening to them.

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Depaul Slovakia offers a place to stay overnight for homeless people in Bratislava as well as shelters for those with severe health conditions. We offer a place to sleep, something to eat, access to basic hygiene, clothes, as well as social counselling and for those who are ill, also daily accommodation and necessary support. Some of our clients are even involved in labour therapy. Great Country gives you a chance to become part of our services. For 1 Euro, 3 of our clients can have a breakfast, for 5 Euros, a person can have a dinner and a dignified overnight stay and for 10 Euros, a person can stay for an entire day. More about the project.


DePaul and the tenth year of our existence

Depaul Slovakia has completed the tenth year of existence. We are extremely pleased that more and more people support us not only financially, but also morally. Viac.


Summer is over in Depaul

Summer is over in Depaul and the preparation for winter season is in the process. Sunny days in Depaul were full of activities. Viac.


Depaul in 2015

In many respects, 2015 was a ground-breaking year for our organization. We partly renovated the St Vincent de Paul Night Shelter. Thanks to this renovation, capacity rose to 200 places. In September it was opened to its clients, who are homeless people. Viac.


We had a great time at the Doma Dobre concert!

Thank you for making this year concert a really special time and experience. Viac.


Doma Dobre Concert

Following the huge success of the first year, we are happy to have another edition of the Doma dobre festival. Viac.


New Places for Homeless

In June we had a big celebration day. Our patron Duchess of Norfolk together with our clients, guests and city officials opened the newly renovated North Wing of the Nightshelter St Vincent de Paul. This was a long planned and eagerly expected event. Viac.


The spring in our shelter

Winter is over and the number of clients at Nightshelter dropped from 170 (average in February) to 140. Busy winter is over and we still remember exciting events happening during the city festival Month for Homeless Viac.

What´s next?

If you are not interested in this project, we recommend checking alternative projects in the same cause.
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