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Nadácia Pontis is a platform for donors where you can find more than 50 trustworthy non-profit organizations and thousands people willing to support a positive change around us. You can change something as well. Choose your project and create a Good country by yourselves.

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17 000 is a platform for donors where you can find more than 50 trustworthy non-profit organizations and thousands people willing to support a positive change around us. You can change something as well. Choose your project and create a Good country by yourselves. is a place where people who want to help and people who need help meet. The portal is run by Pontis foundation offering this year 58 trustworthy non-profit projects from different parts of Slovakia. Support any project or theme you find interesting. We will send the whole donation to the NPO, all the expenses related to bank tranfer or public collection are covered by Dobrá krajina. If you cannot chose, support the operation of this portal and your donation will help all the projects. Thank you More about the project.


Thanks to Widget you can help a NGO directly on your website. It brings these 4 benefits.

We offer donation widget, which can help you to raise donations for our good projects directly on your website. Viac.


24-hour donor´s marathon for 500 euros

We have exactly 24 hours. From midnight till midnight. On Thursday, August 24, we – donors and NGOs – can help make Slovakia a better place. Here are the rules for the 24- hour donor´s marathon and the competition for 500 euros. Viac.


Why were we at Pohoda festival?

Once again we have opened our tent in the center of the biggest festival in Slovakia. And we weren’t giving any receipts from the cash register. In our tent you could give and help just by a touch. Why? Viac.


They outdid themselves and 2000€ as well!

This year´s competition „Dobrý tvrďák“ (Good Stubborn Man) achieves its BEST 3. The highest amount of money collected and the highest number of competitors running for NGOs. But the most important thing is that we had a chance to meet many amazing people with a big heart willing to help a good cause. THANKS to all the participants, volunteers and organizers. Viac.


Living in a darkness and silence, but crazy about art

Everybody knows that – two people meet to talk about their interests and lives. That’s how we met Martin. He likes chess, painting and walking with friends. It could be an ordinary story like hundreds of others, if Martin wasn´t deafblind. Viac.


Restaurant Day 2017 - When the way to good deeds is through the stomach

Have you ever thought how does it look like in Slovak non-profits? On May 20, different Slovak NGOs will open their gates and kitchens so you can see and taste for yourself. For the fourth time organizations associated with crowdfunding portal will join worldwide food festival called the Restaurant Day. Viac.


“Tvrdak Race” in Kosice

They defeated all the hurdles and even themselves eventually, to help Tanzanian students. This one utterance sums up the story of 6 courageous runners, who went through the competition called „Tvrdak“ (Stubborn Man), which took place at Kosice on 6th May 2017. They managed to collect more than 300€ for African children. Viac.


We want to thank every donor!

​Charity checks tend to be passed on the stage with words of gratitude and applause from those who receive them. Viac.


We'll double what you donate.

As the year is coming to an end, we have prepared a special year-long campaign for you. An equal amount will be added to each euro you donate up to the value of 50 euros. Your help can now have double the effect. Viac.


Looking for new projects!

Do you know about a good project that you think should be on Great Country? Then send them this article. We’re looking for new organizations and their social welfare projects. They can register until 31 October 2015. Viac.


Blog: Have you also been cheated by fundraisers?

On one evening I had to visit an out-of-hours pharmacy in Košice to collect some medicines. When I wanted to enter, a 60-year-old woman approached me and asked me to give her a few euros. She said she was in a difficult situation and didn’t even have money to buy her medicines. My heart sank. Her face suddenly reminded me of my mother and I immediately took out my purse. I couldn’t even fall asleep that night. Viac.


Restaurant Day turned out perfect

Restaurant Day took place on Saturday, 16 May and it wasn’t only about enjoying food. Organisations from Dobrá Krajina who work with people in need and disabled children, fight against corruption or renovate public places had a chance to meet their neighbours and bring their work closer to people. Viac.


Who will be the fastest good tvrďák in Košice?

Sometimes, overcoming your own limits can be easier if you have motivation to help others. Last year, the participants at the Tvrďák race had this experience. They decided to overcome natural and artificial obstacles in order to help their disabled friends, socially disadvantaged families or abandoned animals. This year, also people from Košice can help. Viac.


Great Country launched in English

Have you ever been tricked in a charitable collection? Have you ever donated in good faith and later found out that the money you have donated was not used for the intended purpose? This is one of the many reasons behind the website launched by the Pontis Foundation back in 2009. Viac.

What´s next?

If you are not interested in this project, we recommend checking alternative projects in the same cause.
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