Giving refugees a second chance

Giving refugees a second chance

Liga za ľudské práva

They are on the run from persecution, armed conflicts and have no backgrounds in Slovakia. It is very difficult for such people to find a job. Great Country helps integrating these people by teaching them to speak Slovak and offering requalification workshops.

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Imagine there is a war going on in Slovakia and you have to run away. You are just trying to save your life with no time to plan, pack or to arrange papers you will need in the new country. You travel for a few months in poor conditions, are hungry, thirsty and spend most of your time on the back of a lorry or in the trunk of a car. You find your refuge in a safe country that grants you an asylum. However it is hard to start a life in a country where you don´t know anyone, where you don´t master the language, but you still have to take care of yourself. You have to find a job and earn some money. But how, if you don´t speak the language, know the culture, the law and procedures and you don´t have any papers and certificates about your education, as you didn´t have the time to take them with you or you lost them during your excruciating journey? Our project is aimed at helping people like this to start from scratch in Slovakia, help them get to know the culture, acquire education, find a job and integrate into the society. We also help the poorest to at least get a place to stay and help traumatised people and families with children. More about the project.


A day in the life of a Syrian refugee in Slovakia

People from Syria have been fleeing war, violence and bombardment over the past five years. They are made welcome in other countries. Here we welcomed one Syrian by placing him in detention, and, after the court had released him, by detaining him once again. "Welcome" to Slovakia. Viac.

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