Come feel the unchained energy and joy of our Roma treasures, Sunday August 16 in Stará Tržnica, Bratislava. Children of Divé Maky will show their wonderful talents on „Bašavel v tržnici" – from 12 to 10 p.m.

You can enjoy performances of children from Divé Maky led by Barbora Botosova – Gypsy Queen Project, Czech band Terne Chave, Agata Siemaszko, Eddy Portella, Credance, and the headliner of the festival – Para and Sendreiovci. There will also be various workshops, Gypsy pub, Roma dance school, theater performances led by Nada Uherova, Roma - movies cinema, literary club, Cirkus-Kus and much more!

Giving talented Roma children a chance
We only need 4 108,05 €

Giving talented Roma children a chance

We believe that all children should have access to education, because knowledge gives them power to change their future.

Every year we strive to show that supporting our children changes their life. Often discriminated, based on traits that they can't influence, Roma children are fragile just like wild poppies. It happens in our society that they have already been broken at young age, as no one offers them a chance or does not see the actual child that, like others, wishes for a peaceful and happy life.

There will be an opportunity, again this August, when you will have the unique chance to gain an insight into Divé maky and see what happens when you give a chance to a young Roma child. And it is not just children who play just for fun; on the contrary, talents no one would ever expect are coming from Roma settlements. This could happen because Divé maky gave them the opportunity. Of course, with the help of you all – our donors, people who follow our mission, friends and supporters. We all can change lives and watch this all during the Bašavel.

The main goal of „Bašavel" is not only to „feast our eyes" on the talents of our stipendiaries, but also to present you with children newly admitted to the program and still searching for a sponsor. We can already guarantee that it will be love at first „heard". We believe that amongst you, these children will find their guardians who will allow them to study and they will not need to worry about how to afford a dormitory, pay for travelling or an arts school.

Our diverse programme will guarantee your entertainment! We will feed you yummy food in a gypsy pub and several handmade manufacturers from Sashe will sell you beautiful – Roma and wild poppies inspired – thingies, jewelries, and trinkets. Every stand will „represent" one of our children and 30% of their revenue will be given aimed at specific scholarship.

We are already looking forward to seeing you, come to „Bašavel v tržnici" and experience true Roma treasures.

Tickets will be available in presale for a discounted price 7 EUR via on the spot for 9 EUR.