Some 200 hearing-impaired children are born every year in Slovakia and up to 95 percent are born to parents with no hearing impairment. Their parents often lack key information on how to stimulate and develop their child. That is why we launched the website.

It is very hard for a parent to hear the bad news – Your child has a diagnosis that cannot be treated. This is the case also with hearing impairment, but in this case, there still is a chance for the child to learn to speak and be a part of the hearing community. Nonetheless, it is a very rocky road – the parents themselves have to learn a lot and play their part as early as possible.

Deaf child - Let’s help parents understand their children
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Deaf child - Let’s help parents understand their children

There is a lot at stake for deaf children - if they were born deaf, it will be almost impossible for them to speak or read comprehensively. The whole hearing world will be closed off for them and their potential won’t be completely fulfilled. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s help their parents, so they can help their children as early as possible.

Lack of information

The care for hearing-impaired children is stagnating in Slovakia. But it is the early life of the child, which is the most decisive. We at the NGO know what we are talking about – the founders themselves are parents of a hearing-impaired son. We want to provide better information to parents, help them support each other as a community and thus improve the chances for all hearing-impaired children. brings tips and tricks on how to help your child develop after the diagnosis. The communication section of this website helps connect parents of hearing-impaired children, who can help and support each other in this uneasy task.

Insufficient technology

But in Slovakia, we are lacking both the experts as well as the technology. Parents have to therefore often travel with their children to Brno or even Prague to get an early diagnosis. In cooperation with the donation portal, our NGO launched a public collection for the First Children's Audiocentre at the Children's University Hospital in Bratislava, which will serve everyone in Slovakia.

"There is an acute demand for an audiocentre in Slovakia. We are aware that many parents often have to travel with their hearing-impaired children to Brno or even Prague just to get properly examined. In Slovakia, we are lacking both the experts as well as the technical equipment. The issue here is a crucial one, because if small children with a hearing impairment are able to get proper diagnosis and treatment in their early years, their chances for a good life significantly improve." said MUDr. Irina Šebová, CSc., MPH, Senior Consultant of the otolaryngological ward at the Children's University Hospital in Bratislava.

To be able to establish an audiocentre, we need the help and support of the general public. By donating, you too can raise the awareness of lacking early care for hearing-impaired children in Slovakia by helping to establish the First Children's Audiocentre. You too can give hearing-impaired children a chance for a better life.