Ivetka, Deniska, Sandra and Vierka, our first Omamas, have already learned a lot. They are still in training, but they have completed the first part of their education and there is more to come. August is their trial period where they are trying to gain more hands on experience. At the end of the month, we will have another 4-day training together.

We only need 63 280 €


If you are born into the vicious cycle of poverty, you are likely to remain in it all your life. Let's help those who were less fortunate at birth to build their way out.

A picture of a child carried with one arm around a mother's or a sister's waist is one of the most common ones spotted in the settlements. The one sided holding, insufficient tummy time and limited opportunities for crawling significantly slow down brain growth and do not allow for hands and feet to be stimulated since the child cannot see them or does not use them. Stanislava Šipková, a physiotherapist, teaches Omamas and their mentors the correct way to hold and cradle a baby.

The feeling of safety and security, responsive parenting and attachment which are crucial for a healthy brain development, can be encouraged from the birth up through a baby massage. In a stressful poverty-stricken environment, the benefits for the emotional and social baby development are even greater. The massage helps to stimulate body parts which prevents the delay in the child's ability to use them in the future.

Early development of fine motor skills is extremely important for an intellectual development later on.

Gross motor skills and crawling have a positive impact on the development of neuron connections and interconnectivity of brain hemispheres.

Omamas are learning to work with the Play wisely cards which stimulate the cognitive development of a small child.

Omama is applying learned techniques of working with books and vocabulary development of children directly in the poor homes in the Roma settlement.

Even when the floor is not appropriate for crawling in a hut, Omama can find an alternative space to help the child develop his skills.

The proper "eye-hand" coordination, palmer grasp, tripod grip, pinch grip and and pincer grip can be developed with simple toys using the Montessori methods of learning.

During their time with the smallest children, Omamas use a manual with several different activities, prepared by experts from the Play wisely program.

After the kick-off in august, starting in September, Omamas will offer regular weekly lessons to children up to 36 months, each working with 10-15 families. Once a month, they will organize parent clubs for all the parents on interesting and relevant topics.

Thank you for your support. The Omamas can do this incredibly important work only thanks to you.