Dear friends, donors,

thank you for your help in year 2017. We appreciate your help and we wish you a lot of success and gratification. We heartily invite you to our organization, where we provide special social services to disabled children and youth. We would like to express our cordial gratefulness in a name of the parents of disabled children and young people too.

Nezábudka (Forget-Me-Not)
We only need 4 000 €

Nezábudka (Forget-Me-Not)

Families with severely handicapped children live a rough life that revolves all around the special needs of their child. Let’s help these kids and teenagers to a happier, more sociable life with easier access to education, culture, art, services and improve their health condition by means of rehabilitation. Your 10 Euros gift will provide 1 child with 2 special therapies per day.

Faith makes all things possible;

Love makes all things easy;

Hope makes all things work.

May you have all the three for this Christmas.

Merry Christmas wish your Forget-Me-Not House from Senec, Slovakia

Video from Forget-Me-Not House