Do you fancy lively entertainment full of good music, dance and theatre? Then you’ll definitely enjoy our annual highlight of supporting program Divé maky – multi-genre festival of Roma culture Cigánsky bašavel (Gypsy bashavel), this year under the aegis of president of Slovak Republic. Castle Devín will brighten up on Saturday 20th of August thanks to our incredibly talented children and youth.

You‘ll have an opportunity to see with your own eyes what happens, when talented Roma children get a chance to develop and show their extraordinary talents. Participants of program Divé maky under guidance of violinist Barbora Botošová will show their wonderful skills in the evening galaprogram. But don’t worry – we’ll keep you busy all day long! :)

Giving talented Roma children a chance
We only need 4 108,05 €

Giving talented Roma children a chance

We believe that all children should have access to education, because knowledge gives them power to change their future.

Performance of young diva Gypsy Nicol, traditional Roma band Hollósy Band and headliner of festival brisk Parno Graszt will hold music lovers interest. Dancers from group Jagalo Jilo and Lacko Cmorej & Credance will surely make everybody move. But of course we didn’t forget about the drama lovers – for you we have prepared theatre performance of Divé maky under guidance of Naďa Uherová and two movies in summer cinema.

Performances on stage will be accompanied by rich number of activities, such as circus workshop, children playground and board games, art workshop or face painting. If you’re truly interested in Roma culture and you want to know it better at first hand, try workshop of Roma language with Peter Pollák (Roma politician) or listen to people’s life stories in Live library with Janette Motlová (Roma coach).

You can also taste traditional Roma food in Cigánska krčma and buy products from Roma craftsmen. Gain from tickets and sold products will be used for support of talented children from Divé maky program.

But why do we organize this event? It’s not just for fun and entertainment. Our object is to show people that support changes children’s lives. A child who comes from difficult conditions is often underprivileged and fragile like wild poppy. Too often happens that this beautiful flower breaks, because is not given a chance to prove that deserves to blossom.

During Cigánsky Bašavel you’ll see children and young who had the luck and above all the inner strength to fight for their chance. Peoople who don’t improve their talents just for fun, but they continue studying on conservatories and universities in Slovakia and also in foreign countries. Thanks to their tenacity and support of program Divé maky they gained possibilities they didn’t even dream of before. But who makes our program possible? Nobody else but YOU! Kind people willing to help – our donors and sympathizers who truly believe that can make some difference and change somebody’s life. And for that we sincerely thank you with all our hearts.

We are looking forward for your visit! Come and join us, because who never experienced real gypsy festivity, doesn’t know what fun is! :)