Ethical principles of

We are respecting Ethical principles which are defining conduct of the Pontis Foundation as well as conduct of donors and requesting non-profit organizations.

Ethical principles for users and donors

  • Each user of portal proclaims s/he accepts the ethical principles stated on this portal and acts in accordance with these principles and with a generally beneficial purpose of the program Dobrá krajina;
  • Children can also be registered on the portal, but they can only release personal information or donate with the acknowledgement and approval of their parents or solicitor;
  • Users cannot misuse the portal by breaking the law or rights of other persons, insult via the portal, use vulgarisms or other hateful statements of any kind;
  • User only registers financial promises s/he know s/he can fulfil immediately or the ones s/he already did fulfil.
  • Donor understands that his/her promise will be registered as a realized donation only after the confirmation of his bank, telecommunication operator or the non-profit organization;
  • By the act of donation the donor proclaims that s/he agrees with the mean of processing and evidence of the donation or the promise of a donation according to the rules published on Payment via internet is provided directly on the specific bank sites that are the only ones able to access the information about bank accounts or credit cards. Administrator of the portal receives information about a successful payment realization from the donor´s bank;
  • if there is content with pictures, person publishing them fully understands and proclaims that she/he publishes the pictures according to the Law, with approval of their author and approval of a person displayed on the picture or solicitor of a person displayed on the picture.

Ethical principles of the non-profit organizations and other donation requestors

  • Every non-profit organization or other donation requestor proclaims on that s/he accepts these ethnical principles in accordance with them and with the generally benefit purpose of project Dobrá krajina;
  • Every requestor has to present only true information about the project and is responsible for its content;
  • Every requestor is obliged to fill the declared purposes in a maximal extend and to inform the project administrator (Pontis foundation) and donors of the project progress, its results and changes via
  • Every requestor is obliged to give access on request to all the information about the project to the project administrator of Dobrá krajina which task is to monitor if the declared promises have been fulfilled.

Administrator ethical principles

Portal is maintained and administrated by Pontis foundation. At the same time we as Pontis foundation declare to keep the following ethnical principles:

Towards public:

  • We respect laws and legal norms
  • We only perform our activities in accordance with general-benefit purpose, and do not perform any activities or do not support organizations with activities that might endanger freedom, human rights, ethics and democracy that might have devastating effects on our environment;
  • We do not support any political parties;
  • We preserve our inner freedom and do not accept any kind of support from the governments, companies, organizations or individuals that might endanger our independence and possibilities to express ourselves critically and openly, or that might force us to compromise on moral issues;
  • We understand that no man, nor any organisation, company or government is perfect and cannot commit any mistake. We accept cooperation with those who committed a mistake in the past, but we reject any cooperation as well as we do not accept any donationfrom those who currently or in long term endanger freedom, human rights, ethics, democracy and environment or from those with any kind of strong indication that their money and means come from illegal or unethical activities;
  • On our web page, in annual reports or other publications, everyone can meet our statute, missions and visions, values, activities and results of our foundation and program Dobrá krajina. You can see our economic activities, financial sources, donors and partners, grant conditions and grant requestors, board members and supervisors and all the foundation employees;
  • We only promote our activities by ethnical means.

Towards non-profit organizations and other donation receivers we:

  • understand our role of an important representative of the non-profit sector and we act in a way to not destroy its good name;
  • realize our grant activity as well as running of our program Dobrá krajina in accordance with our statute, mission values and ethnical codex;
  • make sure that the decision if or if not the applicant for Dobrá krajina will be integrated in the program follows unequivocal and clearly stated rules that have been prepared based on advance announced notice;
  • enforce the equity of opportunities for everyone and we deliver punctual and precise information;
  • make sure that there is no conflict of interest , corruption or favouritism used during the selection process;
  • conclude clear definedagreements with all requestors that are part of the program Dobrá krajina, we fill our commitments and expect our requestors will meet the contractual obligations as well;
  • try to minimalize meaningless and redundant administrative requirements for requestors or receivers of the support, but at the same time we insist on the meeting of all formal requirements necessary for transparent register of the requests, clear declaration of the project intents as well as true measurable reporting of all achieved results;
  • make sure that the received support will be controlled and in accordance with our agreement;
  • protect the intellectual values of the donation requestor and his/her projects and we make sure the original ideas of the requestors are never used for benefit of another subject without the author´s knowledge;
  • make sure to protect the requestor personal data mentioned in their request forms and we only publish personal information approved by the requestor in advance;
  • reserve the right to exclude from program Dobrá krajina any organization that does not keep our rules, conditions and agreed obligations towards donors and the administrator;
  • reserve the right to exclude from program Dobrá krajina any project that was not able to receive at least 30% of its target amount during 1 year within the program. In such case we will give the realizer of the project a chance to improve the project or to change it.

Towards registered users and donors, we:

  • honour our donors, respect their will if it is not contrary to the law or the rules of our foundation, we inform them about the usage of their means and we agree on the same information path with the final receivers of their support;
  • make sure the donations are registered and we split them according to the donor´s wish;
  • make sure the means that are unused due to cancellation of the project or on the other hand successful finish of the project in advance will be transferred to collective account of Dobrá krajina and used for the maintenance of portal – as a benefit for all announced projects;
  • work effectively, ensure primary usage of both financial and human resources and care about a minimization of useless expenses;
  • ensure primary intern control of the program Dobrá krajina as well as the external control of projects fulfilment. We run internal and external monitoring as well as all the actions necessary to fulfil our stated intentions as well as our donor´s will;
  • run our accounting and ensure the control of our management by an independent auditor
  • respect and protect all the personal data received from the donor. The user himself/ herself decides if his/her personal data should be used on the portal Program Dobrá krajina is also about sharing with others. In case the user agrees we do release his/her name, profile picture, donation and supported projects, as well as his/her public messages and commentaries. Information about users who want to stay anonymous are not released neither provided to the third parties or to the donation receivers. We do never release any information about address or phone number of the donor to the third parties;
  • by registration on the portal the user agrees with the processing of personal data Act n. 428/2002 Coll. on Protection of Personal Data as amended by later regulations within the program Dobrá krajina. This agreement is valid for an unlimited period of time and the registered user can cancel the agreement at any time. We maintain and store all the data of our registered users (donors) to provide better service to them and to the receivers of the donation, to enforce transparency of the donation and its usage. We are very careful with the archived personal data, we do not distribute them to the third persons except the persons administrating or programing the program Dobrá krajina or the police or judicial bodies. We only use the archived personal data for promotion of Dobrá krajina. We only sent information concerning Dobrá krajina to the mentioned contacts. We respect the security rules related to the access of unauthorized persons to the archived personal data. We do not take over any responsibility in cases the rules are broken or the data misused by unauthorized persons.
  • in case the users have a suspicion that someone is misusing their personal data they can inform us on our email and we will examine this accusation and, if possible, ensure rectification.

Final provisions

We reserve the right to edit these principles or to add any information to them. There is always an updated version of these principles on with the specific date of their duration.

The ethical principles are applicable from 6th October 2015.

In Bratislava, 6th October 2015

Lenka Surotchak, The Pontis Foundation