"They call me Ladislav, I am 24 years old and depressed. I have been client of Social center for mentally ill people MOST (The Bridge) in Slovakia for 5 years."

Please read a powerfull confession of Ladislav, whose difficult life with depression has stabilised after becoming a client of MOST (The Bridge).

YES to independence, NO to loneliness
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YES to independence, NO to loneliness

There are people with mental disorder among us, and their numbers are growing. What is routine for you is a challenge for those with mental disorder – initiating contact, using public transport or having a meaningful pastime. Let us help them gain more independent lives.

Ladislav (Lacko): "People have always loathed me.Why are things the way they are? Why cannot I be like other girls and boys?

Drawing has always been an escape for me.

Then, the inner world began to spin mainly around one question. Could hell be really better than where I am now? But at least four thousand times, fear always prevented me to find out the answer on my own.

The rancor that sprang from outside, took what was standing in the way. Fortunately, after two decades of so-called life, I asked myself another question. This tangle of neurons and other cells that people learned to call "myself", is it also a "man"? So here I am.

Whoever just believes, can believe that my work is just nice or ugly pictures. Whoever just perceives, can perceive my pictures as uncomfortable. For me, my work is mostly about hope. I hope that over time, people will start thinking about it more. Maybe more people stop saying mean things that make kids with depression go crazy and because of that, kids will have to rely on a disability pension. Probably not ...

Anyway, creating art is a way to express your thoughts. And thinking is a good way to help yourself. Although every minute a psychic disorder throws my psyche into jawsand and mouths my psyche like a chewing gum, I do not fall asleep every day like the night before my execution anymore. Now I have my own life. And I have people who love me and I love them."

Help us to get rid of the myths and preconceptions, so mentally ill people can live better lives! Thank you for your support.

Yours MOST (The Bridge) www.dss-most.sk, FB @DssMost