Events planned by Great Country

Restaurant Day - on Saturday May 16th

Japanese soup, anti-corruptionist goulash or original Armenian honey cake as well as vegan meals will be served during Restaurant Day on Saturday May 16th.

Anyone can open a one-day pop-up restaurant on the Restaurant Day. Just choose an original site, and show off your chef skills and delicious recipes. Thirteen non-profit organizations from will open their restaurants or bistros too!

The idea was born in Helsinki, Finland, in 2011 and nowadays the Restaurant Day is held in 30 countries around the world. Every year thousands of one-day restaurants pop-up in Warsaw, Kiev, Budapest, Vienna or Prague. The aim of the restaurateurs is not to make profit. All financial contributions are voluntary on the pay-as-you-like basis. In case of non-profit organizations you can taste delicious snacks and financially support activities that improve life in Slovakia.