The Board of Directors

Each year, the members of the board of directors of Great Country choose new projects from the submissions that have the potential to make Slovakia a better country.

The members of the Board of Directors of are:

Jarka Hargašová-Lajčáková is a perennial star of the Slovak presenter's scene. She began her career as one of the voice talents in the Slovak radio broadcast, radio Rock FM, later on she became one of the faces of television Markíza and today she is an anchorwoman for the Slovak television.She has received five OTO awards (Television Screen Personality) in the category of Television News Personality. When she dreams of a better country she imagines it as a place "where it is a bliss to live and the people are smiling. I am confident, that there are a lot of good people living in Slovakia, whom donating makes happy and that they are willing to pitch in so that Slovakia can be a better country."

Táňa Pauhofová is one of the most cast young contemporary actresses in Slovakia. She is a member of the theatre company of the Slovak National Theatre. She has been awarded a number of awards complimenting her acting skills (the Igric award in 2002, the Doska award in 2006 for the main role in the play Manon Lescaut and in 2007 the Shooting star award). Currently she acts in different plays such as Anna Karenina, the Fetishists, Mother Courage and Her Children, she also played in a number films for example: Polčas rozpadu (Half-life), Ženy môjho muža(My man's women), Jánošík. Táňa Pauhofová has a clear idea about the country she wants to live in "My dream is to live in a country where people are not indifferent towards each other and neither are they indifferent to the environment they live in. And since I don't want to flee from here I decided to help this good country because I believe in it."

Lenka Surotchak is the director of the Pontis Foundation since 2002. She was present during the transformation of this institution into a nongovernment organization, she took part in all of its key program activities and also served as the lead on technical projects assisting the MVO, company philanthropy and volunteering. In the present, she leads the organization in a strategic and executive capacity. As a leading personality of the organization that is launching a project, which should help transform Slovakia into a good country she describes her own vision of an ideal good country: "A good country is a place, where happy people live. They are happy because they can realize their dreams and have the means to achieve them. But at the same time they are aware of what they want to change about this place. They know if somewhere there is a filthy river, they have the chance to clean it. They know that we should be tolerant and solidary towards each other and help each other. A happy country is a good country, where all of us can lead a better existence."

Michal Kaščák is the director of the largest music festival in Slovakia Bažant Pohoda. He is also known as a musician. At the young age of just thirteen he became the star of the band Bez ladu a skladu. He is renowned for his charisma and a good "aura" that surrounds him. Does Slovakia have a chance to become a good country? According to him: "I believe in good, therefore for me every country in its essence is a good country. Everything depends on the people and on what they are willing to do in the name of good and if they can guard it once it's achieved."

Tomáš Janovic is a writer, aphorist, poet, lyricist, playwright, translator, author of radio, television and theater plays with a brilliant knack for storytelling with a satirical school of thought. In the year 1985 he was awarded a place on the Honour List of H. Ch. Andersen for his children's books. Among other awards he has also received the Dominik Tatarka award. Zoči – voči (face to face), Veselá kniha do prvej ľavice (A merry book for the first desk), Neber to osobne! (Don't take it personally!), Humor ho! (Humor him!), these are just a few names of his recent works. His recipe for success for a good country is clear and concise: "Let us live in such a way so that others feel good being a part of our lives."

Ján Orlovský was the chair of the Slovak Spokesperson Association and was awarded the title of best spokesperson in the private sector. His vision of a good country welcomes the power of individual initiatives. "For me Slovakia as a good country is a place, where people don't have to wait for guy in a suit riding in a limo to guarantee them justice or that a school is open or that the environment around them is clean. For me a good country is a place, where everyone's own personal initiative is welcome and rewarded."

Vladimír Bužek is a scientist, quantum theory physicist, working at the Physics institute at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava. He also works as a professor of informatics at the Masaryk University in Brno and is an honorary Professor at the National University of Ireland. His main areas of work are the quantum information theory, quantum optics and quantum measure theory. He is a member of dozens of prestigious scientific societies. He was awarded the Scientist of the year award twice, in 2004 he became a laureate of the German Humboldt award. He is the bearer of the Order of Ľudovít Štúr first class for extraordinary achievements in the fields of science and research, and for representing Slovakia abroad (year 2007). He founded an internationally established scientific school, which researches the quantum information theory. He thinks that a good country is one where "the citizens feel good and safe. It is a country with which we can connect our future. A good country is a country whose destiny is in the hands of its (responsible) citizens. And a Good country (Dobrá Krajina) is one of the roads that lead to a good country."

Jaroslav Žídek is a chef and holder of multiple Gurman Awards. His professional career spans multiple countries such as the Czech Republic, Denmark, Norway, England, Italy, Spain, and currently he is a chef at the Grand Hotel River Park in Bratislava. From 2003 till 2011 he worked at the Camouflage restaurant situated in Erdödy's Palace on Venturska Street, which received numerous awards (2 hats- Gault Millau, 2.5 F – Der Feinschmecker, ranked the best restaurant in Slovakia 2007-2010 by Trend Top). Jaroslav Žídek believes that we will live in a good country by starting with ourselves and by doing good things.

Ján Kuric is a Slovak singer, lyricist, composer famous for being the lead singer of the band Vidiek or for being a member of the band Ventil RG. He is also the creator of the solo project Gypsy tears, which he recorded with the excellent Romani singer Věra Bíla.