A few months ago, my former colleagues and I have started an organization called Way out ( http://cestavon.sk/en/home) the mission of which is to help people find a way out of generational poverty. And I mean, not the "I can't afford to buy another car" type of poverty. The kind where you have no water, no electricity, your children face malnutrition, you have to deal with racism on daily basis and therefore have very little chance of finding employment. Many Roma people living in isolated settlements in Slovakia struggle with this kind of poverty. According to research, Roma children living in extreme poverty in SLovakia fall behind their peers by more than two years.They drop out of schools and the vicious cycle of poverty continues. Therefore, we have launched an early childhood development home visit program in which we train Roma women in the simplified Play wisely methods to help children ages 0-3 receive the necessary stimuli for their brains to develop in a healthy way. This way, they will get the same chance for education and hopefully a better life as their peers. We have just come back from our first training and I believe that this project has a potential for a huge impact in the lives of children from marginalized communities.
Your donation to this cause would be much appreciated. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Olga Coulton Shaw