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Nadácia Pontis
Breakfast and clean underwear for the homeless
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Breakfast and clean underwear for the homeless

People who land on the street have to rely on themselves alone. The solitude and discomfort are only a few of their problems. Many of them are ill, immobile and helpless and weather, which we view merely as a discomfort often is life-threatening to them.

Where we live is where we play
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Where we live is where we play

Kopčany is sort of a forgotten part of Petržalka. A part full of children and youth, who have nowhere to spend their leisure time. That's why there has been Kopčany Community Centre for 14 years, which offers many different activities to them.

Jingling for a Change
We only need 1 332,16 €

Jingling for a Change

There are dozens of pieces of evidence for the fact that our state has been kidnapped, and their number is increasing: for instance, cases like Gorila, Váhostav or the CT scanner. Even though their number is so high, not a single influential person behind these cases was convicted. The drawbacks of the system help the state abductors.

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Zuzana Šándorová

Dobrá krajina (Great Country). Already the name is great! Not to mention the loads of great projects that you can find here. Let’s go! Click and choose!

Zuzana Šándorová, donor
Vladimír Bužek

A great country is the one where the citizens feel well and safely. It is a country with which we connect our future. Great country is the one whose fate lies in the hands of (responsible) citizens. And ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great country) is one way to a great country.

Vladimír Bužek, member of Board of Directors of ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great Country), scientist, physicist in quantum theory, professor at Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences
Tomáš Janovic

Let us live so that others could feel good in our lives.

Tomáš Janovic, member of Board of Directors of ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great Country), writer, aphorist, epigrammatist, poet, lyricist, playwright and translator

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