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Nadácia Pontis
Playing with unloved children
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Playing with unloved children

Kids who experienced violence often find it difficult to communicate their sorrow. Drawing and building sets helps them tell their story to adults, who can understand how they feel. The Slniečko Centre treats such little patients.

Aiding Ukraine
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Aiding Ukraine

They had to leave on short notice saving their bare lives, running away from gunfire and peril. They had to leave everything behind and head West for safer ground. They have been living in precarious conditions for two years already, far from their homes. Refugees from Ukraine need our help.

. Ak ty pridáš, my pridáme
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.We are fighting with a problem of gender gap in IT sector. Only 20 % of women are working in IT in Slovakia, and only 10 % of girls are studying IT. We need to change it. KNOW.

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Monika Smolová

If I want somebody to help me, I have to give a helping hand too. ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great country) gives me this option – it offers stories backed by courageous people. They are professionals in their field. Thanks to them my view of the world changes and I can create better country around me.

Monika Smolová, donor
Zuzana Šándorová

Dobrá krajina (Great Country). Already the name is great! Not to mention the loads of great projects that you can find here. Let’s go! Click and choose!

Zuzana Šándorová, donor
Róbert Bános

It says that giving happiness and helping others are the attributes of noble characters. It is amazing to know that thanks to the Pontis Foundation and the program ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great country) every one of us can be noble.

Róbert Bános, BÁNOS Law Firm Ltd., pro bono lawyer of ‘Dobrá krajina’

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