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Nadácia Pontis
I can’t hear you, but I can speak to you
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I can’t hear you, but I can speak to you

Some 200 hearing-impaired children are born every year in Slovakia and up to 95 per cent are born to parents with no hearing impairment. Proper diagnosis and treatment from the first months of their lives would give them a chance not to lag behind their peers.

With us you are not alone
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With us you are not alone

Our beloved parents, grandparents, seniors. Let us never forget the utter love and beauty they had given to us in our childhood. Thanks to your help and support, we can pay them back their love and care. Your financial support will enable us to buy them essential medical equipment. We want them to know that we care and they are not alone.

Pro Bono
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Pro Bono

It is already the sixth year that we have been connecting attorneys with people and NGOs in the need of legal assistance who lack the resources. Law is means to ensure just society, to protect the weaker ones and to guarantee equal treatment for everyone. Through the programme Attorneys Pro Bono, we help those who cannot afford legal services. Up till now, more than 60 attorneys helped more than 160 NGOs. Help us cultivate and spread the culture of pro bono, reinforce fair society, and legal awareness of the non-profit sector.

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Monika Smolová

If I want somebody to help me, I have to give a helping hand too. ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great country) gives me this option – it offers stories backed by courageous people. They are professionals in their field. Thanks to them my view of the world changes and I can create better country around me.

Monika Smolová, donor
Jaroslav Žídek

We begin to live in a great country if we start from ourselves and we will do great things.

Jaroslav Žídek, member of Board of Directors of ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great Country), Executive Chef and holder of several awards at the Gurmán Award
Vladimír Bužek

A great country is the one where the citizens feel well and safely. It is a country with which we connect our future. Great country is the one whose fate lies in the hands of (responsible) citizens. And ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great country) is one way to a great country.

Vladimír Bužek, member of Board of Directors of ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great Country), scientist, physicist in quantum theory, professor at Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences

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