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Nadácia Pontis
Support new experience for kids
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Support new experience for kids

Kopčany is sort of a forgotten part of Petržalka. A part full of children and youth, who have nowhere to spend their leisure time. That's why there has been Kopčany Community Centre for 14 years, which offers many different activities to them.

Street (of the) Youth
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With us you are not alone
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With us you are not alone

Our beloved parents, grandparents, seniors. Let us never forget the utter love and beauty they had given to us in our childhood. Thanks to your help and support, we can pay them back their love and care. Your financial support will enable us to buy them essential medical equipment. We want them to know that we care and they are not alone.

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Monika Smolová

If I want somebody to help me, I have to give a helping hand too. ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great country) gives me this option – it offers stories backed by courageous people. They are professionals in their field. Thanks to them my view of the world changes and I can create better country around me.

Monika Smolová, donor
Tomáš Janovic

Let us live so that others could feel good in our lives.

Tomáš Janovic, member of Board of Directors of ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great Country), writer, aphorist, epigrammatist, poet, lyricist, playwright and translator
Róbert Bános

It says that giving happiness and helping others are the attributes of noble characters. It is amazing to know that thanks to the Pontis Foundation and the program ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great country) every one of us can be noble.

Róbert Bános, BÁNOS Law Firm Ltd., pro bono lawyer of ‘Dobrá krajina’

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