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Nadácia Pontis
4,500 abandoned children want to grow up in a family
We only need 2 987,4 €

4,500 abandoned children want to grow up in a family

We are looking for parents for abandoned children to provide them with a safe haven and a loving family. Most of these kids have experienced a traumatising event and with your help, we can provide them and their new families with therapies, which will help "unbreak” their hearts.

I can’t hear you, but I can speak to you
We only need 5 906,31 €

I can’t hear you, but I can speak to you

Some 200 hearing-impaired children are born every year in Slovakia and up to 95 per cent are born to parents with no hearing impairment. Proper diagnosis and treatment from the first months of their lives would give them a chance not to lag behind their peers.

The bee country
We only need 3 765,81 €

The bee country

In Včelí kRaj (translatable as “Bee Region”/“Bee Paradise”), our knowledge of bees has generated quite a buzz, and we are pleased to share our knowledge with others. Help us build the first educational apiary and environmental centre dedicated to pollinators.

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Róbert Bános

It says that giving happiness and helping others are the attributes of noble characters. It is amazing to know that thanks to the Pontis Foundation and the program ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great country) every one of us can be noble.

Róbert Bános, BÁNOS Law Firm Ltd., pro bono lawyer of ‘Dobrá krajina’
Vladimír Bužek

A great country is the one where the citizens feel well and safely. It is a country with which we connect our future. Great country is the one whose fate lies in the hands of (responsible) citizens. And ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great country) is one way to a great country.

Vladimír Bužek, member of Board of Directors of ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great Country), scientist, physicist in quantum theory, professor at Institute of Physics, Slovak Academy of Sciences
Pavel Hrica

It is scientifically proven and I have it verified in my surrounding that people feel happier and more meaningful if they help others. The gift thus has a double benefit – for the recipient and for the donor. Notice how sad are those distrustful grumblers who as a rule do not donate for any good thing. If we have more donors in Slovakia, not only would we solve more problems around us, but we would be a happier country as well.

Pavel Hrica, donor

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