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Nadácia Pontis
Deaf child - Let’s help parents understand their children
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Deaf child - Let’s help parents understand their children

There is a lot at stake for deaf children - if they were born deaf, it will be almost impossible for them to speak or read comprehensively. The whole hearing world will be closed off for them and their potential won’t be completely fulfilled. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s help their parents, so they can help their children as early as possible.

Online Psychological Help
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Online Psychological Help

In the last year, almost 1000 young people from Slovakia, which had a desire to commit suicide, turned to online counseling. For six year now, IPčko saves lives of these young people, for free.

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Zuzana Šándorová

Dobrá krajina (Great Country). Already the name is great! Not to mention the loads of great projects that you can find here. Let’s go! Click and choose!

Zuzana Šándorová, donor
Jaroslav Žídek

We begin to live in a great country if we start from ourselves and we will do great things.

Jaroslav Žídek, member of Board of Directors of ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great Country), Executive Chef and holder of several awards at the Gurmán Award
Monika Smolová

If I want somebody to help me, I have to give a helping hand too. ‘Dobrá krajina’ (Great country) gives me this option – it offers stories backed by courageous people. They are professionals in their field. Thanks to them my view of the world changes and I can create better country around me.

Monika Smolová, donor

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