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Nadácia Pontis
Dobra krajina
We only need 14 468,83 €

Dobra krajina is a platform for donors where you can find more than 50 trustworthy non-profit organizations and thousands people willing to support a positive change around us. You can change something as well. Choose your project and create a Good country by yourselves.

Nezábudka (Forget-Me-Not)
We only need 3 118,4 €

Nezábudka (Forget-Me-Not)

Families with severely handicapped children live a rough life that revolves all around the special needs of their child. Let’s help these kids and teenagers to a happier, more sociable life with easier access to education, culture, art, services and improve their health condition by means of rehabilitation. Your 10 Euros gift will provide 1 child with 2 special therapies per day.

Windows to the world
We only need 2 747,69 €

Windows to the world

We are building an assisted living for young people with mental disorders. Your donation will help us with a crucial part of reconstruction of our chosen premises – new windows. Together we can change the “view of the future” of several people. Let us open a symbolic window between the worlds of healthy people and people with disorders.

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